How to use RC boats in the bathroom

It would be very interesting to experience a good relaxation with mini RC boats while taking a shower. Or rather have you ever thought of entertaining your little one from the great options available for games while in the bathroom? All this is possible by providing them with the RC boat. This will give them lots of fun while taking shower or even out in the pool.

How to make the RC boat fun while in the bathroom

The mini RC boats can be organized into speed races, you can make it even more exciting by creating obstacles along the path to create challenges or think of creative narratives like the boat being sent on a rescue mission.

For the young ones, this will give them an upper hand experience on how to manage speedboat. They will also get to know how it feels like racing with the RC boats before they are old enough to explore it with a real boat. It’s definitely a smart move for you to give your kids a thrill that comes with manipulating the RC boat even if they are just toys. For those kids full of curiosity, these experiences will help them understand how objects are able to float on water and the question of how radio frequencies operate. On a lighter note, this experience should serve the greatest fun on a sunny afternoon whether in the bathroom or out in the pool.

Types of bathroom RC boats available

We have a number of mini RC boats available in the market with a variety of unique and exciting features and it’s all up to you to make a choice. Here are a few of them;

  • Micro boats 2pack

This mini boat is great for racing because of its high speed; the boat can race through the water in 6 different directions including reverse. It’s fully motorized and water activated. It’s powered by AAA Duracell battery 16 packs. Easily accessible in the stores

  • Zuru motorized racing truck RC boats

Zuru boats use sensor technology which is micro-robotic which gets activated once the boat is in the water. The boat has a speed of 200mph+ and doesn’t require batteries. The boats are perfect for three years old and above. The RC boat is available in a variety of colors. This RC boat has a truck of 2 meters and shark attack challenge. One other interesting feature about this boat is its performing work crane.

  • RC boats fully motorized

The boats are great for stunts as one dive into the water giving you a stylish twist as you race away.  They are water activated and fully motorized. The boat is able to go in four directions. They are also able to make a 360 degrees doughnut turn.  Other features include; a reverse technology, a suction cup that can be adjusted, a magnetic releaser, power batteries 2x. The boats are great for ages 3 and above.

In conclusion, create a new revolution of fun the next time you decide to have some fun while in the bathroom even for your little ones. Take advantage of the excitement that comes with racing using the RC boats while at it. Make every moment memorable but above all enjoy every bit of it by investing in any one of the above types of mini RC boats. The kids do not need to be left out. It is solely for you to decide whether to give them the fun in the bathroom as they clean up or take them out in the pool. Allow them to discover for themselves different dynamics of fun in the water. It can never be all great without the mini RC boats.