Different Dental Procedures And Practices

There are a lot of dental procedures and practices that we will want to look at and learn about from our dentist.  The dentist is the person that will take care of our teeth and allow us to have a happy and healthy smile.  In order to achieve this, the dentist will use his tools to ensure that your teeth are healthy.

One standard procedure that almost everyone knows of is the regular cleaning.  In a standard cleaning the dentist will use his tools to remove all of the plaque and tartar that has accumulated on your teeth.  In this process he will use a scraper that will get up as close to the gums as possible and will remove the plaque and tartar.  This can take some time but when done, your teeth will be clean.

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Filling cavities is another procedure that you can have done.  When we don’t’ take care of our teeth the enamel coating that protects our teeth will begin to wear away.  When this happens, our teeth become vulnerable to decay.  When this happens, holes will appear in your teeth known as cavities.  The dentist in order to repair them will need to drill into your tooth and remove any dead or decaying parts of your tooth.  Once done, they will fill your tooth with a special compound creating a stronger tooth.

Finally, tooth extraction is a possibility.  If your teeth) are damaged beyond repair, you will need to have them extracted.  When this happens, you will have a gap in your teeth.  After the procedure you can talk to your dentist about getting dentures or implants. One option to ask after is all on 4 dental implants sun city.  Implants like these are very strong and will allow you to have a natural smile.